New York View

A Little Experiment

This blog is going to be a little experiment. I have launched and maintained various blogs over the years, but my enthusiasm for each has inevitably fizzled out. I’ve tried writing about the performing arts, classic film, decor, and crafting – all interests of mine that I generally feel comfortable in my knowledge and experience.

A Charmed Nature is not going to be quite like the others.

I had a very big change in my life this year. I moved with my husband and cat (El Guapo) from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to New York. Well, more specifically Brooklyn. Being a native Angeleno, and very much in love with that city, the move and adjusting to east coast life was harder than I anticipated. I felt a little lost.

But then, about four months into this adventure, a new interest in the natural world blossomed within me. Part of it is tied to my job (I have this habit of throwing myself into whatever project I’m working on with more gusto than necessary.) But a great deal more (I reluctantly realized) is due to exploring a totally new urban environment. In this beautiful east coast state, there are different birds, different plants, different squirrels, different foliage, different weather – a whole different experience than the one in which I grew up.

I have always been a total city-dweller. I am not the kind of person who goes camping or someone gave much thought to the nature around me each day. So this all felt very new.

I found myself bird-watching for the first time in my life. I started gravitating to naturalist books in the bookstore. I began to get acquainted with nature and science writers and added the New York Times’ Trilobites column to my daily news browsing.  I love learning about all kinds of animals, east coast flora and fauna, and exploring a lifestyle that is more aligned with nature.

I wanted to carve out a little space to write about this new interest, explore natural alternatives to my health, wellness and beauty routines, share books, share vegetarian recipes (while I am not a full-blown vegetarian, my newfound respect for animals has me questioning if I want to keep meat in my diet,) and share a bit of this new New York adventure. With this venture, I have no expertise – I am a total novice and want to start a conversation and simply learn more.

We are now six months into our new living arrangement and I’m truly loving our new home. We arrived at the height of spring and now we are on the cusp of the holidays and real winter weather. I am so excited.

So, here goes nothing!

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