Notes from the Feeder

Notes from the Feeder: A Brooklyn Bird Hot Spot

One of the things I love most about our apartment building is the back garden. From our kitchen, we can look out on a quaint patch of land that’s always teeming with birds. As such, I decided to set up a bird feeder on the fire escape just outside the window. I didn’t expect our feeder to become a new bird hot spot, but I’ve gone through an eight-pound bag of bird seed in a matter of days! Our feeder has been getting plenty of customers!

I’ve been trying my best to capture photographs of all the variety of birds visiting our feeder – In addition to a slightly intimidating number of sparrows, I’ve spotted blue jays, cardinals, tits, and finches. But of course, getting a clean shot of any of them is a bit of a challenge. Especially when our cat, El Guapo spots them as well and decides to jump up on the window sill, startling many of the birds away (though not the sparrows, those cheeky buggers!)

But even when I cannot document each feathered visitor to the feeder, I simply love that our back garden continues to be filled with birdsong as all these hungry birds help themselves to some easy eating.

As I continue to spot and photograph these Brooklyn birds, I will post additional Notes from the Feeder updates!

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