Recreate this Fresh Fern Fragrance

I am mildly obsessed with Standard Wax’s Green Thumb fragrance. I first stumbled upon it at a Greenpoint local plant shop I adore called Tend. As soon as one enters this lush plant shop, you’re hit with this fresh scent reminiscent of ferns, soil, moss, and grass. It’s like entering an Eden and it’s heavenly!

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Springtime Folly

Hi Friends! I’ve been quiet over here in large part to being simply swamped with work and my work has been mostly focused on spring. Everyone’s favorite season was the focus of a big project I worked on that just wrapped up earlier this week and, in the midst of creating web and social content to complement and promote this event, I actually learned quite a bit about the signifiers of spring, how climate change is affecting the season and how interconnected plants, pollinators, and other animals are to this time of year.

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A Little Experiment

This blog is going to be a little experiment. I have launched and maintained various blogs over the years, but my enthusiasm for each has inevitably fizzled out. I’ve tried writing about the performing arts, classic film, decor, and crafting – all interests of mine that I generally feel comfortable in my knowledge and experience.

A Charmed Nature is not going to be quite like the others.

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