Plastic-Free Hair Care with Plaine Products

One of my earliest plastic to plastic-free swaps was my shampoo and conditioner, and it’s also been the one that I think I’ve been most satisfied with overall thanks to Plaine Products.

My shower was the one place in my home that was blatantly filled with plastic, all I had to do was look at the shower-rack to be confronted with body wash, conditioner, shampoo, deep-moisturizing treatments, face-wash and more all packaged in plastic!

The silly thing was, I was making an effort to purchase products that were vegan or cruelty-free, but yet still packaged and sold in plastic. And while some of that plastic claimed to be recycled, it still felt like I could do better. I wanted to have a totally plastic-free shower-rack!

So I began my research. I found a bunch of shampoo and conditioner bars that were sold completely package-free and gave them a go. These literally look just like bars of soap but can be worked into a lather for your hair. While several that I tried worked fairly well, I struggled with this method. Having used only liquid shampoos and conditioners my whole life, I knew right away that I wanted to find something that matched the method of hair treatment I knew and enjoyed.

But now I had a tall order to fill – I wanted a liquid shampoo and conditioner that was not packaged in anything plastic or un-reusable, that’s also all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, ideally made without palm oil, affordable, accessible, and actually makes my hair look clean and healthy. Does that even exist?

Turns out, it does! Enter Plaine Products. This company ticked all the boxes. Not only are their shampoos and conditioners exactly what I was looking for, but the aluminum bottles they come in are also returnable, refillable, reusable, and eliminate the need for single-use plastic.

The system is easy; you simply order your products and make a one time purchase for however many pumps you need (this is the only bit of plastic they sell, but the idea is, you purchase this just once and will keep reusing.) They ship out your products in extremely efficient, streamlined packaging which you need to save. Because when you’ve used up all the product, remove the plastic pumps and put aside, rinse out the aluminum containers, put them back in the box and ship them back to Plaine Products using the pre-paid return label! Plaine Products sanitizes the containers and reuses them, so it’s a closed-loop system. Brilliant!

Then when you order a refill, you don’t need to purchase additional pumps, just put the ones you already have on your new bottles when they arrive. You also have the option to set up a subscription, deciding how often you want to receive refills, and by doing so you get a bit of a discount. As the bottles are pretty large, I set my subscription to renew every two months, which seems about right for me and the husband.

Perhaps the best part about Plaine Products is just how well they work. My hair is clean, nourished, and all their products smell wonderful! I also use their body-wash and just began trying out their new skin-care items. The Plaine Products moisturizer was actually a game-changer this past winter as it totally helped cure my ridiculously dry skin.

Plaine Products Face Moisturizer

Now my shower-rack is plastic-free and aesthetically kind of snazzy looking with all my matching Plaine Products – an added bonus from making this ethical swap!

Please be aware that this post does contain affiliate links, as I opted to become an affiliate for the company after having such a positive experience. I seriously encourage you to give Plaine Products a try. They have a wonderful zero-waste system, a positive mission, and truly quality products!

Learn More about Plaine Products

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