Springtime Folly

Hi Friends! I’ve been quiet over here in large part to being simply swamped with work and my work has been mostly focused on spring. Everyone’s favorite season was the focus of a big project I worked on that just wrapped up earlier this week and, in the midst of creating web and social content to complement and promote this event, I actually learned quite a bit about the signifiers of spring, how climate change is affecting the season and how interconnected plants, pollinators, and other animals are to this time of year.

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The Cape Cod Coast

I think it may be safe to say that we are basically in the middle of winter… right? We’re halfway through and we have a good ways to go before temperatures officially start going up, flowers start blooming, and I can revert to wearing jeans without leggings or tights underneath. Although, it has been unseasonably warm here in New York the past few days, so maybe Spring is really just around the corner.

Either way, I feel like it’s a good time to reminisce about our trip to Cape Cod last August and the beautiful landscape of the National Seashore. Also, especially for President’s Day, I have a presidential history tie in…
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5 Charming Things Thursday

In an effort to make my blogging a more regular thing, I figured I’d introduce a weekly series where I share 5 charming things I’ve found lately that I’m loving or inspired by. Just a simple listicle of lovely things. Thursdays are always a hard day for me – They are probably my busiest days at work and Thursdays just have that nearly-at-the-weekend-but-not-quite-there kind of bitterness and I for one, could certainly have them improved by a bit of charm. So here goes nothing.
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Nature Apps – Merlin Bird Identifier

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share some details about my favorite nature app of the moment – Merlin Bird Identifier. Merlin was developed by the bird experts at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and is able to draw from their extensive research database in order to make the process of identifying birds in your area a breeze! I downloaded it about six months ago and it’s my go-to tool for learning about the various east coast birds that I had never seen before moving to Brooklyn.

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Nature Reads – H for Hawk

Just before last December, I read Helen Macdonald’s acclaimed book H is for Hawk. As far as naturalist books go, this one is something special, because it not only breaks down some of the realities of falconry and training a goshawk – a topic which I never even gave a moment of thought – but it also explores the emotional depths of grief as the author poignantly describes her struggle to grapple with her father’s unexpected death.

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House Plants for a Brown Thumb

As much as I long to be a legit plant person and fill my home with so many lush ferns and flowers that the term “jungalow” would actually be appropriate, the truth is, I’ve always had a bit of a brown thumb. Inevitably, I would purchase a new plant with such enthusiasm and a belief that “this time would be different,” and yet within days, the sad plant would be withered from either a lack of nutrients or simply a lack of skill on my part. I wanted to change.

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Let’s Talk Turkey

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, so I thought it only fitting I take a few minutes to talk about the holiday’s top bird.

While pretty much everyone has their attention on how to cook turkeys – and believe me, I have seen some absolutely delicious looking recipes out there – I wanted to get some insight into turkeys themselves – what do they eat, what’s their day to day like, what do they like to do for fun, and how did they become to be the animal associated with this American holiday.

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Notes from the Feeder: A Brooklyn Bird Hot Spot

One of the things I love most about our apartment building is the back garden. From our kitchen, we can look out on a quaint patch of land that’s always teeming with birds. As such, I decided to set up a bird feeder on the fire escape just outside the window. I didn’t expect our feeder to become a new bird hot spot, but I’ve gone through an eight-pound bag of bird seed in a matter of days! Our feeder has been getting plenty of customers!

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A Little Experiment

This blog is going to be a little experiment. I have launched and maintained various blogs over the years, but my enthusiasm for each has inevitably fizzled out. I’ve tried writing about the performing arts, classic film, decor, and crafting – all interests of mine that I generally feel comfortable in my knowledge and experience.

A Charmed Nature is not going to be quite like the others.

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