No Waste Laundry

Zero Waste – Laundry

Today I want to share one of my absolute favorite (and easiest) zero-waste swaps. Laundry is without question, the chore I loathe most. And schlepping my clothes down the block to the laundromat was one of my biggest annoyances when I first moved to Brooklyn. But hey, it’s got to get done and I must say, I’ve been slightly more willing to launder now that I have a zero-waste alternative to laundry detergent and dryer sheets!

I discovered Brighton Wool and Honey Co. when doing some initial searching online for alternatives to typical laundry detergents. They are a small family farm located in northeast Ohio specializing in raw, unpasteurized, organically raised wildflower honey, wool, and all-natural handmade soap, with a focus on sustainability. As organic beekeepers, everything they do is in support of their ecosystem and in finding the best quality products from all-natural ingredients.

I ordered their Natural Lavender Laundry Soap which arrived in a beautiful glass jar with a perfectly-sized wooden scoop for dispensing the detergent. This detergent smells amazing and, with no strange chemicals or dyes, I can use it on literally every piece of clothing I own. So far, I’ve used it twice (on two pretty substantial loads) and have been thrilled with the result. Our clothes have come out super clean, stain-free and smelling wonderful. Plus, I felt super chic placing my lovely jar of detergent atop my washing machine at the laundromat – a definite bonus.

I don’t use fabric softener but have always relied on dryer sheets instead to give my clothes a bit of fluff and keep everything static-free. My Brighton Wool and Honey alternative in this matter is their felted Wool Dryer Balls. I had heard about dryer balls before but never looked into purchasing any…not sure why. But these lovely little laundry accessories are a game-changer. They work the same as dryer sheets but can be used over and over. Just pop three in the dryer and you’re good to go. Plus, they help your clothes dry faster, which means less energy spent; it’s a win-win. And since these bad boys can be used over and over, they also provide huge savings in money normally spent on dryer sheets or fabric softener – win-win-win!

I never thought I would look forward to laundry day, but these zero-waste alternatives have me viewing this chore with an entirely new perspective!

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