Recreate this Fresh Fern Fragrance

I am mildly obsessed with Standard Wax’s Green Thumb fragrance. I first stumbled upon it at a Greenpoint local plant shop I adore called Tend. As soon as one enters this lush plant shop, you’re hit with this fresh scent reminiscent of ferns, soil, moss, and grass. It’s like entering an Eden and it’s heavenly!

I bought a diffuser and the oil about five months ago and it’s just now starting to fade away. So, while it’s a bit on the pricey side, I do think I got my money’s worth. Naturally, I plan to purchase a refill, but I also wanted to see if I could recreate this scent using the essential oils I already have at home and I think I just about nailed it.

I mixed equal parts cedar and pine needle essential oils in my Muji diffuser (about 7 drops each) and found it to be pretty close to the Green Thumb fragrance. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus brought the scent even closer.

Green Thumb Fragrance DIY

This kind of earthy home fragrance isn’t for everyone (the husband is not a fan in fact,) but if you’re into calm mossy scents, I definitely recommend giving this mixture a try.

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