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Springtime Folly

Hi Friends! I’ve been quiet over here in large part to being simply swamped with work and my work has been mostly focused on spring. Everyone’s favorite season was the focus of a big project I worked on that just wrapped up earlier this week and, in the midst of creating web and social content to complement and promote this event, I actually learned quite a bit about the signifiers of spring, how climate change is affecting the season and how interconnected plants, pollinators, and other animals are to this time of year.

You can watch the program online right now, and you can also watch the silly pre-show I produced and co-hosted on Facebook as well…

As someone who grew up in a place where seasons weren’t really a thing, I have been loving the feeling of anticipation and excitement as I’ve seen the temperatures slowly rise, the days grow longer, and little signs of new life crop up all over the city. Almost like magic, flowers in the trees budded and bloomed, birds began singing their hearts out in a new dawn chorus, and the sun seemed to shine a bit brighter.

I guess I just never really understood what all the fuss was about when it came to spring, but now I get it. It’s amazing to see New York City come to life again. It feels good to not have to wear layers of clothes and see more people in the parks and courtyards, enjoying the sunshine.

I recently learned that spring only occurs in northern latitudes, where the tilt of the earth produces longer days, and that most tropical languages don’t even have a word for spring. This makes me all the more grateful to get to experience this amazing seasonal transformation.

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