5 Charming Things Thursday

In an effort to make my blogging a more regular thing, I figured I’d introduce a weekly series where I share 5 charming things I’ve found lately that I’m loving or inspired by. Just a simple listicle of lovely things. Thursdays are always a hard day for me – They are probably my busiest days at work and Thursdays just have that nearly-at-the-weekend-but-not-quite-there kind of bitterness and I for one, could certainly have them improved by a bit of charm. So here goes nothing.

1. This mohair headband from & other stories looks as cute as it does warm! It is definitely on my winter-wear wishlist!

2. Need a little dose of nature? Yellowstone National Park recently released a massive collection of nature sounds recorded in the park as public domain. My fav is definitely the wolf calls. Talk about call of the wild right?

3. I know summer seems a long way off, but I’m already scoping out this sunscreen hair mist as my sunny weather must-have item. This is basically a dream product for me, in that, I’ve literally been dreaming and wishing that someone would make it for decades. As someone with fair skin who is very susceptible to sun damage and skin cancer, I’ve always struggled to protect my scalp, particularly my part, from burns and long-term damage. I mean, you can’t really spray sunscreen on your part without making your hair a gross, greasy mess. That is, until now and this revolutionary new mist from Coola. Use this link for $10 off your first purchase of $50 or more!

4. You know those saint and prayer candles that have been redone with a celebrity’s image? There are tons on the market with images of Prince or Bowie, but this one of David Attenborough, pictured above, has caught my eye. I really want this for my desk at work.

5. And finally, you can never have too many shift dresses. Currently crushing on these three Sweetheart Dresses from Keil James Patrick.

Until next Thursday…stay charming!

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